6 Best Camping Tents

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It is always a goodidea to have the camping gear well in order before the start of camping season. One of the most important aspects of any camping trip is the tent. Over the years, many great innovations have taken place in tent making. With so many designs to choose from, it is always a great idea to have a camping tents review in order to make the right choice.

MSR Hubba

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This is one of the most popular tents available in the market. When the tents first came out, they introduced they were quite innovative with the design of the hub pole. However, continued innovation has edged these tents out in weight competitiveness. As of now, they are considered mid-weight; they weigh about three pounds and seven ounces on average. They utilize a single pole design, coupled with a pair of metal hubs. Another unique feature is dual door design on both sides of the tent. The company currently produced the Papa Hubba, MuthaHubba and HubbaHubba tents for four, three and two persons respectively.

MSR Carbon Reflex

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This is one of the lightest tents in existence as of now. It is something between a lightweight and a superlight tent. The tent is at least five ounces lighter than MSR Hubba. It features some awesome internal storage compartments and is quite spacious. The tent also features the Durashield™ coating. With this technology, the company promises it can last up to four times longer. The come in the MSR Carbon 1, 2 and 3 series. These are for one, two and three persons respectively.

Big Agnes FlyCreek

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These are some of the lightest tents currently available in the market. They are designed to be all-weather and come in series of four. The lightest in the series is the Big Agnes FlyCreek UL1. This tent weighs 21 ounces, without the stakes. It feels so light; one is even worried about tearing it with a sneeze. However, it is quite durable and had a bathtub floor to increase survivability in the outdoors. Others in the series are the UL2, 3 and 4. They are designed to be used by one to four persons respectively.

Big Agnes Copper Spur UL

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These are some of the best tents in the ultra-light tents category, which come in a series of four. The company behind them is known for producing ultra-light easy to use tents. These ones are no exception. The tents utilize the amazing hub pole design that reduces the number of poles one has to carry. The steep wall design makes it easier to sit up in these tents.

Coleman Octagon 98

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This a big sturdy tent, perfect for a family vacation. The tent is not only massive; it is also partitioned and has a number of key amenities such as cup holders. The frame is made of high-quality steel that is meant to last to last a lifetime. With a single purchase, one will never have to buy another tent for the family. It is the highest rated family camping tent on amazon, a testament to its quality. Definitely, the best camping tent for huge groups.

ALPS Mountaineering Extreme 2 Tent

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This tent was designed with couples in mind. It is built to be a sturdy beast with the unique three-pole design. This adds to the stability of the ten, making it suitable for use even in harsh weather. It is not built to be lightweight, but on the other hand, it is not so heavy as to be a burden.


When choosing a tent, waterproof capabilities are key to a quality tent. However, a key point to note is one never uses a shovel to remove snow from a tent. It will undoubtedly be torn no matter how smooth the shovel looks.


How To Choose The Best Tents

by admin on November 10, 2015

A tent is an essential camping equipment especially if you are planning on camping in a remote area. It provides you the much needed shelter along with privacy in the crowded areas. Today, there are numerous brands, styles, sizes and shapes of tents available that meet your particular camping requirements. When choosing the best camping tent, you will need to put into consideration; the conditions and the weather you are most likely to encounter, the amount of bulk your are ready to carry, the number of people requiring accommodation, among other such factors.


How To Choose the Best Tents

1. Tent Size

The tent size is generally described by the total number of individuals who can comfortably sleep inside. If you are going camping by yourself, a 1 person tent will be fine if you wont be storing your belongings in the tent. Otherwise, you should get a 2 person tent. Likewise, in case there are 2 of you, you should choose a 3 person tent so that you can have some room to store supplies and clothes. This basically means that if there are 2 people using a tent, and each of them has 2 bags, the ideal tent size would be a 3 or 4 person tent. Also, if you are going to set up the camp in a single location for a long period of time, then it makes more sense to choose a 4 person tent so that you can have sufficient living space.

2. Type of Tent Material

When choosing the best camping tents, you should consider the tent material and the type of tent poles. Tents are generally made of lightweight nylon material, while the tent poles are usually made of fiberglass or aluminum. The heavier, larger tents normally use thicker fabrics and rip stop fabrics. (Note that the weight of the tent will increase significantly if you happen to choose the denser and thicker fabrics). The polyester tent fabrics can withstand exposure to UV rays much better than the nylon tents; these are the best tents for long term camping sites.

Tent poles play a major role in determining the stability of the tent. You can choose the fiberglass poles for more durability, and the aluminum poles if you desire lightweight strength.

3. Camping Season

Know when you are most likely to go out camping so that you can choose the best tent for that particular weather. Typically, tents are commonly found in 2 seasonal categories: 3 season and 4 season. The 3 season tents are great for camping between spring and fall, while the 4 season tents are the best camping tents for winter conditions. Those who camp all through the year normally have 2 tents; 1 for the spring and fall, and another for winter season.

3 season tents are basically designed to provide good ventilation in the summer, spring, and fall. These tents are lighter, airier, less expensive, more compact and roomier than the 4 season tents. They are also more versatile which makes them quite popular with cyclists, backpackers and paddlers.

4 season tents are normally built to offer protection in the heavy weather. They tend to have heavier fabrics with thicker waterproof coating which makes them more weatherproof.

Best Tents on Amazon

Big Agnes


Big Agnes manufactures some of the most comfortable tents for camping. The company is based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The company was actually named after a rocky peak in Mt. Zirkel Wilderness area. Most of the company’s products are named after the nearby creeks, peaks, trails and rivers. Big Agnes has some of the most storm resistant tents. Their tents allow campers to go camping whenever they want, regardless of the type of weather.

One such tent, is the Big Agnes FlyCreek. Its’ dome shape and its’ pole structure makes it ideal for the windy conditions, while its’ big rain fly and vestibule, enables it effectively handle the snow and rain.



Mountain Safety Research, (abbreviated as MSR), is an American corporation that was founded by Larry Penberthy in 1969. It is located in Seattle, Washington. The company is owned by Cascade Designs. MSR manufactures equipment of camping, mountaineering and hiking. The company specializes in light weight and technical equipment. Their gear is designed to suit all outdoor enthusiasts, from the novice to the expert mountaineers.

One great camping product from MSR, is the MSR Hubba. This solid 3 season camping tent, is light and compact. It’s well designed to not only ventilate well, but also offer protection from the rain. This camping tent is very durable and it performs excellently in wet conditions. The tent is easy to set up and take down, and its’ shelter has adequate space, in both width and height.

Terra Nova


Terra Nova Equipment is a company based in Alfreton, Derbyshire. The company was founded in early 1980’s. Terra Nova Equipment Ltd. is well known for its’ high quality expedition tents. Their tents have been used by many explorers for expeditions all around the world. Terra Nova Equipment camping products are designed for those looking for a perfect combination of ease of use, reliability, and great value.

One such camping product from Terra Nova Equipment, is the Terra Nova Laser Ultra. It is the lightest double wall tent in the world. It features new ultra fabric scandium alloy poles. This tent can sleep 2 for adventure races and it fits in most panniers.



The tents from Coleman brand are very popular and are well suited for family camping. They are designed to withstand harsh climates and they have vertical walls which offer more space. Some of the best tents from Coleman include; Coleman sundome tent and Coleman hooligan tent.


Eureka is another popular tent company. Their tents are great for home camping, winter camping expeditions, backyard sleepovers, among others. In addition, they are durable and will meet all your camping needs. One such tent is the Eureka solitaire.


A Big Agnes Copper Spur UL review

by admin on November 21, 2015

When thinking about using Big Agnes Copper Spur UL, you should understand the review when you need to make your choice. When you know the features, you will definitely understand learn on how to use it after your purchase:
The features of the tents you need to understand:

1. They are spacious, durable & weather resistant

When you buy them, you should know that they are exceptionally spacious, durable at the same time weather resistant if you need a good one. You must be able to understand about the tents before making your decision to buy them or not depending on what you want through this process.

2. Made from high quality top-tier materials of these high pitches

These tends should also have a durability when you want them. Depending on what you would have when making your decision, you will get those best deals that you would have during your choice easily. They are lightweight with high quality top-tier materials of these high pitches when using it. Through the process, you will get spectra cramming adjusters of removable inner tent with reflective points. Through this process, you will understand the facts when making your decision right even as you get the best weather resistant tents in the market.

3. They have two doors
With the feature, you will know what will enable you get the deals well even as you make your choice within a given market with the features. Many people who have bought it have tried to have the best features especially when trying to save money through the deals they would need when looking for quality deals.

4. They are comfortable

The comfortable that you would get when using these tents are amazing if you can compare it with other options that the market provides. They can withstand strong & high winds that has made them among the best tent you would buy from a market.

What are the Pros?

The following are the Pros of Big Agnes Copper Spur UL:

These Big Agnes Copper Spur ULs have smallest packed size with the lightest tent tested when looking for vestibule into solid nylon walls. With the shed spindrift of condensation droplets, you will get excellent front ventilation of strongest fly fabric as well as “ultralight” floor. You will definitely learn on the deals of Big Agnes Copper Spur UL that you would need during your process even as you do make your choice well.

As opposed to other tents that you would have, you will get Big Agnes Copper Spur UL that you would need during your process within a market. Many buyers who have had these deals have been capable of saving money during their choice easily. The number of people who have Big Agnes Copper Spur UL whenever you need a good deal of the tent within the market.

What are the Cons?

They are:

This Big Agnes Copper Spur UL can be cooler at night especially when living in a place with a variety of temperature variations. This has been the main reason why many people often prefer others as opposed to Big Agnes Copper Spur UL during the process of getting the hit mesh walls whenever you need a good deal.

In the end, when you know the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL review, you will understand the features thus enabling you get onewithin the market.


Though a number of tents are available in the market make hard to get an idea which one would be right to pick. If you are one of them who love to go on short backpacking trips, but always get scared thinking that you have to get loaded with extra weight? If the answer is YES, then say Good Bye to this tension since the Big Agnes Fly Creek has coined its name as one of the best camping tents. It holds the power to erase all these sort of tension within no time. Nothing can be better than Big Agnes Fly Creek if you are hunting not only light weighted but waterproof and easy to pitch tent too. It can go along with all three season without confronting any hassle.

All the essential factors regarding The Big Agnes Fly Creek right from its structure, design, weight, material etc., have been cited below. And before making decision to choose any tent, you must go through these tents reviews in order to explore important features.

Size and Comfort of Big Agnes Fly Creek:

Big Agnes Fly Creek is quite good if two people are going to share. The structure of this Big Agnes Fly Creek has been designed carefully and therefore it has mentioned its name in the list of the best tents. It proves that if you are going to bring someone else with yourself, then no need to get loaded with extra weight. The Big Agnes Fly Creek will be enough for two occupants due to having plenty of space. But if the tent is going to be used by one occupant, then you may go to change the position of your sleeping pad and put them in the middle of the floor in order to carve out more space to get dressed.

Weather Protection and Durability:


This tent has made from most advanced material like breathable nylon which assure about its durability. Apart from light in weight, it can survive in rainy season nearly 12 hours straight without getting wet. This tent is equipped with a bathtub floor to save occupant from rain and splashes. Having three mesh pockets makes you comfortable to hold essential things like a torch, camera, pen, paper etc. Being one of the best tents, Big Agnes Fly Creek can never go to compromise with its style.

No need to carry extra weight as It is light in weight:

If you have any doubt about regarding the weight of Big Agnes Fly Creek then let me clear you that it’s quite light in weight. And the weight of the Big Agnes Fly Creek is 2 pounds 4 ounces which makes it first choice for backpackers who love to go on short backpacking trips and don’t wish to carry extra weight with themselves. At the time of designing, it had been kept in mind to bring out something as light as possible. Big Agnes Fly Creek has emerged as one of the best camping tents due to its remarkable light weight factor. In order to minimize weight, an Aluminium DAC Featherlite NSL pole of 9.0mm having Y-design has used.

Pros and Cons:

If this tent is being shared by two, they will not face any problem until they decide to sit up at the same time. Though it has enough space for sleeping, but doing something inside become a little tough. Your head may get touched the mesh a number of times. You must turn down your plan if going to spend a lot of time inside this tent. Apart from it, many people are liking it due to many reasons like Fully seam taped, waterproof, having mesh pockets and very fast to erect.

As per reviews, it’s extremely satisfied and great to carry. You must carry Copper Spur if wish to spend a lot of time inside your tent. So, what are you waiting for? If you also wish to get embarked on an adventure journey without compromising with your comfort zone, then choose only Big Agnes Fly Creek. It will definitely jazz up your mood with its style, structure and design.



by admin on November 18, 2015

Camping is one of the most exciting pastimes. However, without the right camping gear your entire trip might end up as one big nightmare. Useful gear includes things like camp lighting, cooking utensils, a fire source and the most important, camping tents. One of the best camping tent brands is the MSR Carbon reflex. The Mountain Safety Research (MSR) group has been functional since 1969 and is responsible for some of the most amazing camping and hiking gear available on the market today. With MSR, there is no compromise on quality and you can be sure that their Carbon Reflex tents are among the best camping tents out there.


The MSR Carbon Reflex is available as a brand line with different versions. The difference is based on the number of people who can comfortably fit in the given tent. These include:

· MSR Carbon Reflex 1- This version is a double walled solo tent which means that it is designed to accommodate only one person. It is ideal for people who often go out hiking and camping on their own. Despite the intended function, this version is sufficiently roomy with enough space to sit up comfortably. Below are some functions that are unique to this specific version.
1. It is 7 ft. long when set up with steep side wall and a high center. This works to increase space while minimizing weight.

2. Clip construction mechanism that makes it easy to set up and take down without help.

· MSR Carbon Reflex 2- This version is designed for two people. It is one of the best two-person tents with an impressive weight to space ratio. It is a great choice for couples and family retreats. Some of its unique features include:

1. Double doors with two vestibules. This is a great feature that makes sharing the tent a whole lot easier as everyone has their own way in or out.

2. It measures 84 inches by 46 inches when set up and provides enough space not only to sit up but also to move around in the tent.

· MSR Carbon Reflex 3- This version, as the name suggests can comfortably accommodate three people. It is a great option for family or group camping expeditions. What makes this one of the best tents is the fact that it is so light despite the fact that it has so much space. Some of its features include:

1. Two and three pole design which makes set-up easy and fast.

2. Double doors and two vestibules to avoid commotion during entry or exit.

3. The third pole makes it free-standing which means that no extra support structures are needed.


Shared Features

Some features are common among these three MSR Carbon Reflex tents. These include:

i. Taped DuraShield® floor which makes it waterproof.

ii. They have several mesh pockets on the inner sides. These come in handy when you wish to store small objects such as a torch, two-way radio and other small camping items.

iii. Custom designed MSR carbon fiber poles that offer strong support with much less weight as compared to aluminum and stainless steel poles.

iv. They can be used in almost any kind of weather with their 3-season feature.

Bottom line

After all is said and done, there is no denying that the MSR Carbon Reflex tents are among the best camping tents in the market. They are not only strong, durable and resilient but also stylish and super comfortable. The icing on the cake is, of course, the fact that the three versions are super lightweight despite being so spacious. So if you are a newbie to the world of camping or a veteran looking for an upgrade, these tents are definitely worth a try.


MSR Hubba review

by admin on November 6, 2015

Many buyers often do not know about the best tents when buying from the market. However, with a guide, you will have information on the best camping tents that exists in the shopping outlet. Here is a MSR Hubba review that you should know before buying from the dealers:

What are the features?
The following are the features of the tents that you should know:

They are exceptionally spacious, weather resistant and durable when buying from the market. When you need these tents, you will be satisfied with what you would have especially when buying them. Many buyers who have acquired them have been able to make an informed choice especially when buying them from a given dealer.

It also has a light weight with durable top-tier materials of high pitches from the outside. You will get a spectra guylines of camming adjusters with removable inner tent as well as reflective points. When you do buy them, you will definitely have information that will enable you buy the quality tents to help you host your important event in an amazing way.
The tent has the best three-season pf two doors that has been tested. This feature definitely makes it one of the highly rated tents that would satisfy you when making your decision right. With it, you will always have facts that will enable you especially when buying these durable tents within the given market. The buyers who have acquired it have always been satisfied with the tents that they would acquire when making their choices right.

When you use them, they are incredibly comfortable for their weight, in case of strong and high winds. They are the easiest tent for you to setup when you need the best option within the given market. You will have a highly pitched feature in your freestanding mode when you use these tents.

What are the Pros?

Here are the Pros that you should know when you want to buy it:
They have the smallest packed size of second lightest tent tested with the largest vestibule in a class of solid nylon walls. Their shed spindrift as well as condensation droplets have an excellent rear and front ventilation, with the strongest fly fabric and “ultralight” floor. You will be satisfied with it especially when making your decision.

With its lightweight and good ventilation, due to the two doors, you will have two different light pitch options of fast. This will give you a comfortable airy interior especially when making your choice from a given market. Those companies and individuals who have bought it have been satisfied with the quality whenever they are buying them within the given market.

The cost of buying a MSR Hubba is also affordable when buying from the market. When you do visit the market, you will be sure that you would get that best deal to assist you when making your choice right. Many buyers have used the idea as a way of saving money whenever they are buying from a given shopping outlet.

On the Cons, MSR Hubba can have a low condensation resistance with a splashback that you would need when buying. It can sometimes hit mesh walls in many situations with door and vestibule closures making it hard to use.

In conclusion, the above MSR Hubba review will help you understand the features thus enabling you make an informed choice during your purchase.