How To Choose The Best Tents

by admin on November 10, 2015

A tent is an essential camping equipment especially if you are planning on camping in a remote area. It provides you the much needed shelter along with privacy in the crowded areas. Today, there are numerous brands, styles, sizes and shapes of tents available that meet your particular camping requirements. When choosing the best camping tent, you will need to put into consideration; the conditions and the weather you are most likely to encounter, the amount of bulk your are ready to carry, the number of people requiring accommodation, among other such factors.


How To Choose the Best Tents

1. Tent Size

The tent size is generally described by the total number of individuals who can comfortably sleep inside. If you are going camping by yourself, a 1 person tent will be fine if you wont be storing your belongings in the tent. Otherwise, you should get a 2 person tent. Likewise, in case there are 2 of you, you should choose a 3 person tent so that you can have some room to store supplies and clothes. This basically means that if there are 2 people using a tent, and each of them has 2 bags, the ideal tent size would be a 3 or 4 person tent. Also, if you are going to set up the camp in a single location for a long period of time, then it makes more sense to choose a 4 person tent so that you can have sufficient living space.

2. Type of Tent Material

When choosing the best camping tents, you should consider the tent material and the type of tent poles. Tents are generally made of lightweight nylon material, while the tent poles are usually made of fiberglass or aluminum. The heavier, larger tents normally use thicker fabrics and rip stop fabrics. (Note that the weight of the tent will increase significantly if you happen to choose the denser and thicker fabrics). The polyester tent fabrics can withstand exposure to UV rays much better than the nylon tents; these are the best tents for long term camping sites.

Tent poles play a major role in determining the stability of the tent. You can choose the fiberglass poles for more durability, and the aluminum poles if you desire lightweight strength.

3. Camping Season

Know when you are most likely to go out camping so that you can choose the best tent for that particular weather. Typically, tents are commonly found in 2 seasonal categories: 3 season and 4 season. The 3 season tents are great for camping between spring and fall, while the 4 season tents are the best camping tents for winter conditions. Those who camp all through the year normally have 2 tents; 1 for the spring and fall, and another for winter season.

3 season tents are basically designed to provide good ventilation in the summer, spring, and fall. These tents are lighter, airier, less expensive, more compact and roomier than the 4 season tents. They are also more versatile which makes them quite popular with cyclists, backpackers and paddlers.

4 season tents are normally built to offer protection in the heavy weather. They tend to have heavier fabrics with thicker waterproof coating which makes them more weatherproof.

Best Tents on Amazon

Big Agnes


Big Agnes manufactures some of the most comfortable tents for camping. The company is based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The company was actually named after a rocky peak in Mt. Zirkel Wilderness area. Most of the company’s products are named after the nearby creeks, peaks, trails and rivers. Big Agnes has some of the most storm resistant tents. Their tents allow campers to go camping whenever they want, regardless of the type of weather.

One such tent, is the Big Agnes FlyCreek. Its’ dome shape and its’ pole structure makes it ideal for the windy conditions, while its’ big rain fly and vestibule, enables it effectively handle the snow and rain.



Mountain Safety Research, (abbreviated as MSR), is an American corporation that was founded by Larry Penberthy in 1969. It is located in Seattle, Washington. The company is owned by Cascade Designs. MSR manufactures equipment of camping, mountaineering and hiking. The company specializes in light weight and technical equipment. Their gear is designed to suit all outdoor enthusiasts, from the novice to the expert mountaineers.

One great camping product from MSR, is the MSR Hubba. This solid 3 season camping tent, is light and compact. It’s well designed to not only ventilate well, but also offer protection from the rain. This camping tent is very durable and it performs excellently in wet conditions. The tent is easy to set up and take down, and its’ shelter has adequate space, in both width and height.

Terra Nova


Terra Nova Equipment is a company based in Alfreton, Derbyshire. The company was founded in early 1980’s. Terra Nova Equipment Ltd. is well known for its’ high quality expedition tents. Their tents have been used by many explorers for expeditions all around the world. Terra Nova Equipment camping products are designed for those looking for a perfect combination of ease of use, reliability, and great value.

One such camping product from Terra Nova Equipment, is the Terra Nova Laser Ultra. It is the lightest double wall tent in the world. It features new ultra fabric scandium alloy poles. This tent can sleep 2 for adventure races and it fits in most panniers.



The tents from Coleman brand are very popular and are well suited for family camping. They are designed to withstand harsh climates and they have vertical walls which offer more space. Some of the best tents from Coleman include; Coleman sundome tent and Coleman hooligan tent.


Eureka is another popular tent company. Their tents are great for home camping, winter camping expeditions, backyard sleepovers, among others. In addition, they are durable and will meet all your camping needs. One such tent is the Eureka solitaire.

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