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Camping is one of the most exciting pastimes. However, without the right camping gear your entire trip might end up as one big nightmare. Useful gear includes things like camp lighting, cooking utensils, a fire source and the most important, camping tents. One of the best camping tent brands is the MSR Carbon reflex. The Mountain Safety Research (MSR) group has been functional since 1969 and is responsible for some of the most amazing camping and hiking gear available on the market today. With MSR, there is no compromise on quality and you can be sure that their Carbon Reflex tents are among the best camping tents out there.


The MSR Carbon Reflex is available as a brand line with different versions. The difference is based on the number of people who can comfortably fit in the given tent. These include:

· MSR Carbon Reflex 1- This version is a double walled solo tent which means that it is designed to accommodate only one person. It is ideal for people who often go out hiking and camping on their own. Despite the intended function, this version is sufficiently roomy with enough space to sit up comfortably. Below are some functions that are unique to this specific version.
1. It is 7 ft. long when set up with steep side wall and a high center. This works to increase space while minimizing weight.

2. Clip construction mechanism that makes it easy to set up and take down without help.

· MSR Carbon Reflex 2- This version is designed for two people. It is one of the best two-person tents with an impressive weight to space ratio. It is a great choice for couples and family retreats. Some of its unique features include:

1. Double doors with two vestibules. This is a great feature that makes sharing the tent a whole lot easier as everyone has their own way in or out.

2. It measures 84 inches by 46 inches when set up and provides enough space not only to sit up but also to move around in the tent.

· MSR Carbon Reflex 3- This version, as the name suggests can comfortably accommodate three people. It is a great option for family or group camping expeditions. What makes this one of the best tents is the fact that it is so light despite the fact that it has so much space. Some of its features include:

1. Two and three pole design which makes set-up easy and fast.

2. Double doors and two vestibules to avoid commotion during entry or exit.

3. The third pole makes it free-standing which means that no extra support structures are needed.


Shared Features

Some features are common among these three MSR Carbon Reflex tents. These include:

i. Taped DuraShield® floor which makes it waterproof.

ii. They have several mesh pockets on the inner sides. These come in handy when you wish to store small objects such as a torch, two-way radio and other small camping items.

iii. Custom designed MSR carbon fiber poles that offer strong support with much less weight as compared to aluminum and stainless steel poles.

iv. They can be used in almost any kind of weather with their 3-season feature.

Bottom line

After all is said and done, there is no denying that the MSR Carbon Reflex tents are among the best camping tents in the market. They are not only strong, durable and resilient but also stylish and super comfortable. The icing on the cake is, of course, the fact that the three versions are super lightweight despite being so spacious. So if you are a newbie to the world of camping or a veteran looking for an upgrade, these tents are definitely worth a try.

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